Rental Policies

Town Park Rental Areas

  • No camping.
  • Use of the Park and its facilities without a reservation is first come, first serve
  • No on-street parking is allowed on Horse Ranch Drive or Brush Creek Road. Overflow parking is available in the Rodeo Arena
  • There is to be no driving of any vehicles on any field
  • Dogs MUST be leashed and dog owners MUST clean up after their pets
  • All trash generated by park users must be picked up and either packed out or disposed of in the appropriate containers

Failure to leave the park in a satisfactory condition or any damage to the field or equipment may result in a fine to the users. Please leave the park site as your find it so that others may enjoy these facilities.

Ice Rink Rental

  • All organized events must have written permission from the Snowmass Village Parks Recreation & Trails department and appropriate rental agreement
  • The Snowmass Village Parks Recreation & Trails Department reserves the right to close the rink at any time. Rink will be closed for inclement weather, rain, ice or snow
  • The Snowmass Village Parks Recreation & Trails Department reserves the right to expel anyone from the ice rink for a violation of the rules. Violation of these rules may result in permanent revocation of skating privileges
  • We are not responsible for the lost or stolen belongings
  • Please don't forget to shovel the rink when you are done. The volunteers and everyone who skates thanks you
  • Keep the rink clean, place all garbage in trash cans
  • No glass, food, or pets are permitted in or around the skating area
  • No smoking on or around the Ice Rink
  • Drugs and alcohol are prohibited
  • Keep Ice Rink doors closed at all times

Recreation Center Rentals

  • Rental will only be available during non-programmed hours of the facility. The Lessee will not sub-lease the facility (charge visitors using rental space)
  • No food or drink of any kind, with the exception of water, is allowed in the gymnasium
  • No confetti, piñatas or latex balloons in the facility
  • The lessee will comply with all applicable rules, regulations, and policies of the Town of Snowmass Village and the Recreation Center Gymnasium
  • In the event it shall become necessary for the Town to enforce any or all of the terms, covenants and conditions of this agreement, the Lessee agrees to pay all expenses incurred by the Town in so enforcing the agreement, including reasonable attorney's fees and court costs
  • During the time the facility is being used by the Lessee, the Lessee is responsible for accidents, injuries, damages, or loss of property 
  • By signing lessee shall indemnify and hold the Town of Snowmass Village harmless for any and all claims resulting from the use of the facility by the Lessee, their employees, guests, or invitees
  • Group size is limited to 50 people to provide a safe and enjoyable experience
  • Non-facilitated use is not available for normal rentals unless previously approved by the Parks & Recreation Department
  • Users must have the appropriate footwear while using the gym
  • Cancellations and refunds: The Town of Snowmass Village reserves the right to cancel this agreement and withdraw the permission hereby granted for just cause or failure to comply with any of the above terms and conditions. In such cases, the Lessee will upon request, immediately remove all persons and equipment it has caused to be in the facility, with no refund
  • The Town of Snowmass Village reserves the right to cancel any event due to special events, scheduling conflicts and/ or program requirements. When events are cancelled, we will make every effort to reschedule the event at a time convenient to the Recreation Center and the user. In the event that we cannot agree on a time, a refund will be processed
  • Please report any faulty equipment or safety concerns to the Parks & Recreation Department at 970-922-2240
  • Report all accidents, infractions, injuries, and damages to Snowmass Village Recreation Center Staff at 970-922-2240