Noxious Weeds

What is a Noxious Weed?

The term "Noxious Weed" is a designation given to a plant that is non-native to North America and has aggressive, invasive tendencies. They threaten our drinking water supply, agricultural crops, ecosystems, and native habitats. Often these weeds are kept in check by natural controls (e.g. insects, climate, etc.) in their native territory.  However, lacking such controls in our area, these plants are able to spread aggressively, allowing them to crowd out native plants, dominate local plant communities, and destroy local ecosystems. 

There are over 34 species of noxious weeds in Pitkin County, and they receive their designation from the Colorado Noxious Weed Act.


What Does the Town do to Prevent Noxious Weeds?

The Town conducts an annual noxious weed spraying and prevention program through local contractors to treat public parks and open space. Using safe practices, chemicals are applied to infested areas before the weeds go to seed. This is the most cost effective and thorough way to treat large areas. 

What can you do to Help?

The Town works hard with landowners and Pitkin County to prevent noxious weeds from spreading, but we can't do it alone. Everyone should take part in healthy land management, and the Town believes in assisting landowners to achieve this. The most effective way for you to help is to treat your own property, and there are numerous resources to help you get started. Pitkin County offers a variety of services to help you comply with the Colorado Noxious Weed Act and keep your land healthy, native, and beautiful. All services are free, including a backpack sprayer loan program, a cost sharing program, and educational materials.

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Community Weed Pull Program:

The Town coordinates an annual community weed pull in late June / early July to rally the community and deal with noxious weeds the good old fashioned way.

The 2017 Community Weed Pull was held on June 30th, and volunteers helped us treat a large area near the lower South Rim Trail. Together, we removed approximately 35 large bags of noxious weeds from open space, which filled two large dumpsters. By digging and removing these weeds before they went to seed, we prevented millions of noxious weed seeds from spreading.

Look for more details on the 2018 Community Weed Pull, but you don't have to wait until then to get involved. Participate in the Bag of Weed Program whenever works best for you this summer:

2017 Bag of Weed Program
Through September 2017
Sign up at the Rec Center
2835 Brush Creek Road
Bags and noxious weed guide books provided.
Volunteers are needed to help with restoration efforts in the Town of Snowmass Village. The Bag of Weed program asks community members to pull weeds on their own time, whenever, and wherever they are. The person who collects the most bags WINS A ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP TO THE REC CENTER.

Sign up at the Recreation Center.