Town Park Master Plan

We Have Completed the Town Park Master Plan!

After receiving input from the POSTR Board, Rodeo Board, various interest groups, and the community at-large, the Town Council adopted the final Town Park Master Plan on March 2, 2021.


Town Park is the community's largest park consisting of 22 acres of public land. The park includes sports field and courts, the recreation center, and 4 acres of maintained natural area. The park also encompasses the Transit Station/ Information Center and is the primary location of day skier parking for Snowmass mountain. Town Park provides essential spaces for recreation and retreat for the community and plays host to some of Snowmass Village's premier special events such as the Balloon Festival and the JAS Labor Day Experience. 

Town Park has the opportunity to become an even better amenity for the residents of Snowmass Village by more effectively utilizing the space available. The master plan update is being guided by the 2016 Parks, Open Space, Trails & Recreation (POSTR) Plan.  This plan included extensive community outreach, and provides clear goals and objectives for further developing the park.


The new Town Park master plan is designed to more efficiently utilize space to enhance Town Park as a beautiful, engaging destination offering fun for all ages on property already owned by the Town of Snowmass Village. This plan will also beautify the entry to Snowmass by improving town property adjacent to the roundabout and along Brush Creek Road.

Read the Final Plan:

What are the Next Steps?

  • Now that the plan is complete, the Town is excited to make it a reality. Some components of the Master Plan, such as the wetland area improvements, could commence as early as summer 2021.
  • The majority of the improvements are expected to begin until summer 2022.
  • Let us know what you think! Public input was essential to the master planning process, but it's never too late to voice your opinion. If you have additional comments please contact Andy Worline with Snowmass Parks, Recreation, and Trails.