Town of Snowmass Village Trail Permit

The Town of Snowmass Village requires user groups to apply for a permit when commercial or private activities are proposed on Town Managed Trails. The following program was designed to help minimize impacts to trails, natural, and cultural resources and preserve the quality of the resident and visitor experience alike.

Permit applications should be submitted 60 to 90 days before the requested use. If turned in less than 60 days out from your event/activity, there is no guarantee that the permit will be issued in time for the planned use.

TOSV Trail Permit for commercial operators, including for-profits and non-profits, conducting group activities on Town of Snowmass Village Parks & Trails regardless of group size. Some examples include: races, environmental education, dog walking and training, summer camps, biking classes, fitness classes and commercial filming.

TOSV Trail Permit Required For:

  1. Any activity that requires a fee (a fee can be a charge, purchase of goods or services, or a required donation for a service or as a condition of participation)
  2. Any activity to raise funds while using Town of Snowmass Village Trails


Ongoing/One-Time Use Permits will be issued annually to operators with the potential for year-round visitation or one-time use of trails, trail heads or parking areas, shelters or picnic areas. All permit holders must turn in participation numbers either at the end of the event or the end of the year. Please record details of each event and trip as they occur throughout the year to ensure accurate reporting.

$300 for for-profit organizations; $150 for non-profit or governmental organizations

  • Approved use of Town trails will be subject to a $3/bike/runner/walker trail impact fee

Trail use fees and participant numbers are due within two weeks after an event. Failure to turn in results in a timely manner could jeopardize the ability to obtain a permit in the future.

Applications must include the following items:

  1. Proof of Insurance: All event applicants must name the "Town of Snowmass Village, its officers, employees and agents" as an additional insured party with a minimum of $1 million general liability coverage. A COI must be uploaded with your application. In addition, all applicants must indemnify the Town and upload a completed indemnification certificate.
  2. Town of Snowmass Village Business License found HERE.
  3. Purchase your license through our Catalog by clicking HERE.