Rental Policy & Procedures


No person shall use any public park, open space or trail for business purposes, and no business of any kind shall be carried on except with the necessary permits/licenses and as reviewed by the Parks Recreation & Trail Department. Parks not being used for business purposes may be used without a reservation on a first come, first served basis. Reservation should be made to ensure availability. 

No Camping: There will be no camping permitted within Town managed parks and Trails property.

Set Up/ Strike: Set up and take down timelines must be included in the rental and free structure. Depending on the scope of the event, Pre event site meetings, and final walk through are required of the renter. All equipment and structures placed at the event site must be removed immediately following the event.

Tents/fencing: Locations of any structures must also be approved by PRT Director. Tents, fencing or structures will not be permitted on site in advance of the days on the rental agreement without the permission of the Parks, Recreation & Trails Department. All tents and fencing must be properly secured and anchored without the use of steaks. Water barrels and footed fencing are suggested.

Damages: The rental space and/or trail is to be restored to the same condition as it was prior to the rental. Applicant will be responsible for the cost to repair any damages resulting from the event and/or attendees. The Town of Snowmass Village is not responsible for any items left at the event site. Removal cost of event related items will be invoiced back to renter. Labor & Fees related to damages will be charged event renter. Renter will be responsible for any damage to the turf, irrigation system, park structures, trail or TOSV property though out the duration of the rental.

Restrooms: Portable restrooms will not be permitted on grass fields and must be located on concrete or asphalt parking lot. The Renter will be required to provide portable restrooms depending on scope and size of the event. One toilet must be ADA accessible for every 10 toilets in each location. Multi-day events will require daily cleaning service of portable restrooms. Portable restrooms may be placed one day prior to the rental, and must be removed from the site with 24 hours following the Event.

Pets: All rentals on TOSV managed trails or parks require that all Dogs MUST be leashed and dog owners MUST clean up after their pets.

Alcohol: Sale or dispensing of beer, wine or alcoholic beverages is prohibited without a Special Event Permit liquor license.

Traffic & Parking: Parking spaces along the front of the Recreation Center are for guest only and must be kept clear. No driving or parking on turf field will be permitted at any time. No on-street parking is allowed on Horse Ranch Drive or Brush Creek Road. Overflow parking is available in the Rodeo Arena.

Trash & Recycling: Renter may be responsible for additional dumpsters, trash cans, and/or recycling containers depending on the size and scope of the event. Delivery of dumpsters and temporary recycling receptacles will be arranged with the Solid Waste Division. Parks and Trails must be cleaned and all trash removed at completion of activity. No food, drink, ice or charcoal is to be left behind or dumped on grass. Including: Parking lot, native grass areas, turf, playgrounds and trails. All trash generated by park users must be picked up and either packed out or disposed of in the appropriate containers. Failure to leave the park in a satisfactory condition or any damage to the field or equipment may result in a fine to the users. 

Recreation Center: Access to the Recreation Center is not included with Park Rental. Daily fees apply

Town Park Rentals:

Water & Electricity: Access to water and electricity must be approved prior to event. Town Park has only one access to water and electricity located near Soccer Fields. 

Athletic Fields: All set-up and strike vehicles must use wooden planks to access any turf/grass. Vehicles must stay off grass and walkways. 

Trail Rental/Permitting:

Trails: Use of existing TOSV managed trails will be allowed for permit/rental. All trails used for permit/event must be approved by Parks and Trails Manager. No temporary trails will be constructed for any reason.

Alternative Trail Plan: Alternate routes must be submitted in case of wet weather. These routes must be approved by Parks & Trails Manager.

Trail Vehicles: The use of motorized vehicles for trail events and trail event set-up, including e-bikes, must be approved by the Parks and Trails Manager.

Signage: Temporary trail notices signs must be posted 1 week prior to the event. All trails should be cleaned of all trash and temporary signs.

Aid Stations: Locations of Aid stations, temporary structures/tents on Trails must be approved by the Parks and Trails Manager.