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Recreational Program Permit Application

  1. TOSV Trail Permit Application
  2. Permit Type*
  3. Please provide a detailed description of your program including but not limited to objective, mission, duration, fees, boundaries, fencing, signage, parking locations, emergency access.
  4. Program Permit Location Picklist
    Parks and trails not located on this list are either not under the management of the Snowmass Village Parks, Recreation and Trails Department or not permittable under our current use easements.
  5. Trail Permit Locations
    Please select each trail that your program will cross. Trails labeled with PCOST or USFS may need further permitting with Pitkin County Open Space and Trails (PCOST) or United States Forest Service (USFS.) ** Time Restrictions Apply
  6. Recreation Program Permit Policy and Procedures*
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