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May is for Spring Training

Spring is a great time to shake up your work out routine and try a new fitness class. If you haven't tried HIIT yet, you should. HIIT or high intensity interval training will help you shed body fat, increase strength, increase cardio capacity and lower blood pressure, all in a fun forty-five minutes.The Snowmass Village Recreation Center offers a HIIT class twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:15 pm-7:00 pm. Click to view our Fitness Calendar


clam exercise

Move of the Month

Certified Personal Trainer, Medical Exercise Specialist and HIIT Specialist Ray Cook recommends the Clam or the Jackknife. This exercise is primarily for the core that involves moving both upper and lower parts of your body to fully engage the abdominal region of the body. When done correctly it can dramatically increase both dynamic and static strength of the core, which will help improve athletic performance.

To book a personal training session please call the Snowmass Village Recreation Center at 970-922-2240 or email Jocelyn Ritti, Recreation Center Manager at

To perform the Clam or Jackknife:
To begin, lie on your back, arms straight over your head 

  1. Legs start raised and can be straight or bent depending on your strength level, while maintaining a flat back on the floor.  To maintain a flat back the pelvis should be in a posterior tilt, or in contact with the floor. 
  2. Lift your head and shoulders up as you try to reach for your toes as you move your legs towards your abdomen. Visualize a clam opening and closing. Lower to the start position.
  3. Perform to exhaustion. Repeat 2-3 sets as long as you can maintain proper form. 


Lean on Beans

Eating beans are a good way to get protein if you are trying to decrease your intake of animal proteins and unhealthy fats. Beans pull double duty: They are both a complex carbohydrate (lots of fiber) and a protein. Beans are also packed with nutrients that many modern diets lack, such as folate, B6, calcium, magnesium and potassium. 

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