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Don't Drop your Resolution, Reset It

100 million Americans will drop their New Year’s Resolution by February. Many people resolved to exercise more and eat more healthfully in the New Year. Don’t drop your resolution, reset it!

Socialization or having an active friend is a significant factor in adhering to an exercise program.The challenge is to enjoy the exercise you choose and keeping it social, is a way to make exercise more fun.

Group Fitness Classes and small group-training are a great way to exercise with other people and have fun. Invite friends or a significant other (think Valentine’s Day) to join you for a Fitness Class or Training Session. According to one study just being part of a Fitness Class gave participants more motivation and confidence to continue. The Snowmass Village Recreation Center offers 11 different types of Fitness Classes, 24 Fitness Classes a week. Click to view our Fitness Calendar

push up

Move of the Month

Certified Personal Trainer Jeff Keller recommends push-ups for general upper body strength, as well as a toned and strong core.

To perform a push-up:
Get into plank position, body in a straight line. Evenly weight the hands, while keeping your shoulders down and back. Do the push up with a shoulder angle of 45 degrees and keep your core engaged. Your head should be in a neutral position, looking at the floor. Raise yourself up by pushing the ground away from you. Don’t lock your arms out when straightening them. Lower your torso towards the ground, Repeat. Think of your push up as a dynamic plank!

fruits and veggies

The Other Part of the Story

To compliment your exercise routine, eat a healthful diet.
Eat more whole fruits, which contain lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Order a green salad with those French fries.

Eat a little lean protein at most meals. This helps keep you feeling satisfied.

Get social, eat with friends and family.

weight room orientation

Weight Room Orientations

You get one complimentary weight room orientation with your membership. Weight Room orientations are currently Wednesdays at 3:00 pm. Preregistration is required.

To preregister contact Jocelyn Ritti, Recreation Center Manager, at 970-922-2246 or 

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