Memorial Benches and Tree Program

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The Memorial Bench and Tree Program allows Individuals to donate a memorial bench for placement in one of three locations Town Park, Mayfly Trail or a location designated along a Recreation Path.

Memorial Benches

The Parks, Recreation and Trails Department will provide standards for the type, style, design, and placement of memorial benches. These red stone benches, sourced from peaks of the Rocky Mountains, can be customized with hand chiseled inscriptions, require little maintenance, blend in with the landscape, and offer a lifetime of enjoyment. All costs associated with the donation, which include purchase, installation, administration, maintenance, and replacement, shall be paid by private funds working directly with Bergen Design.

Bench dimensions are approximately 59”x 18”x 19”

Memorial Trees 

Tree donations will be made at Town Park only. The type of tree will be determined by staff due to viability and water usage. The choice trees being Aspen, Crabapple and Blue Spruce. The placement of the bench and tree is at the discretion of the Parks, Recreation and Trails Department. The Town does not assume responsibility for replacement due to vandalism or theft. The original donor or their family members will have the option to pay for replacement in the case of vandalism or theft.

The Town will not replace a donated item and reserves the right to remove and relocate any item, if the location is in conflict with any future parks or trail improvement project(s) The Town will make every effort to contact the original donor or their family.

If you are interested in the Memorial Bench and Tree Program, please call the Town of Snowmass Village Parks, Open Space and Trails Manager at 970-922-2249 or email