Level 2

Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Your child begins to perform skills at a slightly more advanced level and begins gaining rudimentary propulsive skills on both the front and the back. This level marks the beginning of independent aquatic locomotion skills. Our instructors follow a plan to introduce new swimming and water safety skills and build on previously learned skills, including the development of water competency (the basic minimum skills needed for water safety). Each class is loaded with fun, engaging and challenging activities that motivate children to want to perform and learn to swim.

Skill Refinement
Class will continue to refine skills necessary for stroke development. Students should be very comfortable in water and have understanding of basic water skills. 


  • Successful demonstration of the Learn-to-Swim Level 1 exit skills assessment


  • Build on the basic aquatic skills and water safety skills and concepts learned in Level 1


During this class the child will learn:
  • Builds on Level 1 skills plus;

  • Enter water by stepping or jumping from the side and correct exit techniques
  • Fully submerge and hold breath and bobbing, perform rhythmic breathing (forward or to the side)
  • Front, jellyfish and tuck floats
  • Development of treading water using different kicks
  • Change direction of travel while swimming on front or back
  • Finning arm action on back, glide on front and back
  • Staying safe around aquatic environments, recognizing the lifeguards, how to call for help and sun safety, look before you leap, think so you don’t sink